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1. Services Provided

Realwork4ce offers comprehensive customized business plan writing services designed to position your company for success in attracting investor funding. Our team will collaborate with you to deeply understand your business concept, target market, operations, financial objectives, and funding requirements to craft an investor-ready business plan tailored to your needs.

Specific services include, but are not limited to:

  • Extensive interviews and information gathering to understand your business’s product or service, value proposition, and go-to-market strategy
  • In-depth analysis of market conditions, target customer demand, growth drivers, industry trends, and competitive landscape
  • Creation of a positioning strategy and document messaging designed to resonate with investors
  • Development of 3-5 year financial projections, including income statement, balance sheet, cash flows, KPIs, breakeven analysis, ROI goals, and funding requirements
  • Formatting and design of an aesthetically polished and visually engaging presentation to encourage investor interest
  • Unlimited revisions to ensure completeness and accuracy of information and alignment with your objectives

Throughout the engagement, we welcome additional client input and feedback to guarantee the plan addresses your most critical priorities and considerations while showcasing the potential opportunity.

2. Client Obligations

For Realwork4ce to deliver a comprehensive, accurate business plan tailored specifically for your company, we rely on significant input and responsiveness from you as the client. Key expectations include:

  • Complete disclosure of all relevant company details, including business concept, products/services, team background, operations, financial position and projections, etc.
  • Timely provision of supporting documents upon request, such as financial statements, sales pipelines and forecasts, market research reports, proof of concepts, prototypes, etc.
  • Availability for at least 4-6 hours of comprehensive interviews and ongoing communication
  • Thorough and prompt feedback on document drafts and content
  • Engaged participation in the process with turnover of feedback and approvals within 3-5 business days per draft
  • Respect for the expertise and experience of the Realwork4ce writing team

By fulfilling these client obligations to provide information transparency and clear communication, we can ensure proper understanding of your business and an aligned final output.

3. Revision and Editing Policy

Realwork4ce’s business plan writing services include reasonable revisions to guarantee a polished, investor-ready document aligned to your specifications. Here is an overview of our revision policy:

  • You will have the opportunity to review and request revisions on three (3) draft versions of the full business plan
  • We welcome feedback on messaging, positioning, document flow, design, financial assumptions and any other aspects
  • Revisions will be turned around within approximately five (5) business days upon receipt of suggested edits
  • If after the third draft the business plan still does not meet expectations, we can discuss additional revision rounds at $250 per round

Our commitment is to continue polishing the plan until you are 100% satisfied with the final output before our engagement concludes. Additional hourly consulting is also available if substantially new content or positioning is required as the business evolves.

4. Payment Terms

Realwork4ce offers customized business plan writing with flat-rate pricing based on each plan’s needs in analysis, complexity, and timeline.


  • Full payment is required upfront before work begins.
  • If Realwork4ce misses agreed deadlines or specifications, clients receive a full refund within 30 days of a written request.
  • For usable but incomplete work, clients can request revisions or a partial refund at Realwork4ce’s discretion.
  • Payments must be made electronically via ACH, wire, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex).


  • If engagement ends early, clients receive a prompt refund for any unused deposit amount.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

The business plan and all associated research and analysis produced by Realwork4ce within this engagement shall become the exclusive property and intellectual capital of the client.

Realwork4ce does maintain the right to reuse non-confidential data and to reference core methodologies or frameworks in future client engagements. All such reuse will exclude specifics or mention of the client’s name and business concept.

Ownership of all confidential information, business concepts and plans, financial models and projections and other intellectual property provided by the client shall remain exclusively with the client before, during and upon conclusion of this engagement.

6. Confidentiality Agreement

Realwork4ce agrees to enter into a bilateral confidentiality agreement protecting both the consultant and the client’s proprietary information. Key specifics include:

For the duration of this engagement plus five (5) years post-engagement, Realwork4ce agrees to:

  • Not share, reference, or allow access to any confidential client information with external parties without express consent
  • Bind all employees and subcontractors to this same confidentiality commitment
  • Establish security protections on all networks and devices where confidential data is transmitted or stored
  • We will immediately notify you if any unauthorized use or distribution of confidential information occurs

In turn, the client agrees to:

  • Not share Realwork4ce’s proprietary tools, templates, or methodologies with external parties
  • Refrain from using or publishing the business plan without appropriate attribution if sharing externally

7. Limitation of Liability

While well-researched and crafted in good faith based on information provided, Realwork4ce makes no explicit guarantee regarding the accuracy of final business plan, particularly financial projections, market sizing data not conducted first-hand, and assessment of concepts yet to launch.

Outcomes from implementing the plan’s strategy cannot be guaranteed or Realwork4ce’s liability is assessed based on success or failure in capital raising, product launches, revenue growth, customer acquisition or other performance metrics.

Realwork4ce caps liability at refunding of fees paid for this engagement. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you waive rights to additional damages, litigation, or arbitration against Realwork4ce and individuals associated with this work product’s creation.

8. Termination Conditions

Realwork4ce makes substantial allocation of time and resources to deliver services upon engagement. Still, we understand circumstances can change for businesses. Reasonable termination policies aim to balance both parties’ needs.

Client retains the right to terminate this engagement without cause at any point with 30 days written notice provided to Realwork4ce.

Realwork4ce retains the right to exit upon breach of contract terms, including:

  • Failure to provide sufficient information, feedback or accessibility for timely document completion
  • Failure to make payments according to agreed upon terms
  • Verbal or physical threats against Realwork4ce team members or associates

Should early termination occur, any deposits not utilized toward completed work will be returned within 30 days of termination notice receipt.

9. Applicable Law & Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions shall be governed under the laws of the State of California in the United States of America.

Any dispute or claim arising related to fulfilled or unfulfilled obligations occurring because of engagement with Realwork4ce must first undergo mediation locally in Los Angeles County. If disputes are unresolved, legal action may be pursued within the court system of Los Angeles County and the State of California exclusively.

10. Acceptance of Terms

By submitting payment, written or electronic approval, or otherwise confirming engagement of Realwork4ce for customized business plan writing services, you agree to the policies, expectations, limitations of liability and all other terms detailed within this document.

Notify Realwork4ce immediately if you have objections to any sections so alternative options may be discussed prior to formal engagement.